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Racism is a major obstacle for equal opportunity in employment and starting your own business, however, litigation cannot solve all of our problems. Going to college to start a business, not get a job is a good start. Becoming a member of the New American Chamber of Commerce, (NACC) and the African American International Chamber of Commerce, (AAICC) is another good start.

Membership to these Chambers are free. Almost all of the seminars are free. Please take advantage of the free memberships offers from NACC and AAICC, when you attend your first free seminar. When you click on the seminar flash below, you can then register for the seminar at the NACC website. Welcome to NACC and AAICC.

 Are you a victim of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION? Then Attend our Free Litigation Workshop.
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What to do if you are stopped by the police? Tips on how to protect yourself after a Police Encounter
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