Equality under the law. Is this simply an American myth? Or is it an American promise a work in progress, which the Bush administration in particular and subsequent administrations have done very little to fund and fulfill? The answer to this question can be found in the everyday life experiences of the many exposed to discrimination in our workplaces, illegal stop and frisk by the NYPD and profiling on our city streets, biased environmental contamination of minority neighborhoods, and disproportional unequal funding in education that does nothing to close the achievement gap between minority and white students. Speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Barbara Charline Jordan, should be read and reread to keep us focused.

Based on a concern to address these and other civil rights deficiencies, which were also documented in a U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Report on George Bush's civil rights record, the community-based not-for-profit organization Concerned Americans for Racial Equality, Inc (CARE) was established in New York City in the summer of 2005.

This organization, spearheaded by concerned community activists Brian Figeroux, Esq., Colin Moore, Esq., Gerry Hopkins J.D., Randall Toure, Esq., and Diandra Archibald, Executive Director, organizes workshops on how to identify and address civil rights violations, as well as facilitate the monitoring of police misconduct. Generally, CARE serves as a helpful resource for educating and empowering our community, in conjunction with other local and national civil rights organizations and leaders.


CARE's mission is to promote tolerance and understanding among all peoples, and offer assistance to Americans and immigrants that are victims of racial discrimination.

CARE's mission is accomplished via the following: Planning, implementing and strengthening local and national programs that promote tolerance and understanding among people of various ethnicities.
Monitoring legislation, policies, and programs that affect the civil rights of Americans of color and immigrants in America.Providing informational, networking, and other assistance to our members and to the general public.


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